Tanza Granite Ins

Our commercial boulders are more visible, cost-effective, and more enduring than traditional signs. They are also often allowed where standard signs aren’t. Engraved with the full-color text and image of your choice, our boulders can convey the personality of your business, advertise its presence, and attract customers in a distinctive, memorable way.

Knoxville Ranch

One World LED is a leader in designing, engineering, and the manufacturing of patented LED visual display technology. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver the highest quality, patent-backed, and innovative products. We specialize in high-resolution LED solutions as a leading LED supplier to the sign industry including hardware and advertising content management solutions. We are leading the industry in patent-backed outdoor, indoor,...


Our custom crafted memorials are made to your specifications. Color, design, shape and size are adjusted to your vision. Lead time generally runs 8 weeks.

Prices are much lower than traditional headstones!

We handle design to installation.


Our residential boulders are a great way to personalize your home and yard. A boulder outside your home could be engraved with your family’s name, favorite phrase, motto, image, or college logo. Address boulders are more noticeable than numbers on your curb or home. They are also easier to illuminate at night. Boulders are also a great way to mark the entrance to your neighborhood, farm, or ranch. They are more visible than regular signs and...

Drink Dispenser

Our rock drink dispensers make great gifts for a variety of people in your life. Customize one for a family member with their family name, saying, important date, or seasonal image. Give them to business associates engraved with their college logo or mascot. Engrave one with your friend’s favorite patriotic symbol, state symbol, historical symbol, or phrase. Custom drink dispensers make fun, practical, and enjoyable gifts.


Look at our custom-made benches, fire pits, flagpoles, mailboxes and tables! Memorial stones for your pet or loved one are also available.


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