LED Digital Signs

One World LED is a leader in designing, engineering, and the manufacturing of patented LED visual display technology. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver the highest quality, patent-backed, and innovative products. We specialize in high-resolution LED solutions as a leading LED supplier to the sign industry including hardware and advertising content management solutions. We are leading the industry in patent-backed outdoor, indoor, and semi-outdoor solutions.

Our network has grown to a powerful global distribution system. We have strategic partnerships with AV, electrical, signage, engineering, and design companies that provide multifaceted professional services to deliver high-quality solutions in multiple markets. OWLED has distribution networks in China, Australia, and the USA and is actively recruiting partners in the EU, South America, Africa, and Asia.

Our company focuses on innovation, quality, the total cost of ownership (TCO), and the development of the technology that drives the industry. We committed to non-compete arrangements with all our affiliated distributors, resellers, partners, and installers relative to our end-users.

One World LED is helping to drive a transition by sign companies, and their customers, to the digital economy that will help add value to sign companies, reduce sign costs for customers and allow all sign stakeholders to take advantage of the rapidly growing digital market.

One World LED has and will continue to evolve into a dynamic global organization, delivering innovative, industry-leading, patented technology.

Welcome to the Future of Digital.

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